Adonai - IT

Inovative solutions to your technology and marketing demand.


We work with statups and coorporation to deliver inovative web & mobile application projects

We offers the widest range of modern online & off-line marketing to suit our clients need

We provides consultancy services for new & exsisting clients to introduce digital transformation.

Our team members are always readily available to kick start your digital projects.

We dont just deliver projects, we also ensure everything is fine after implementation.

Our creativity & problem solving solutions really separates "Adonai IT & Marketing" from the crowd.


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  • Domain registration.
  • Hosting registration.
  • Unlimited email reg.
  • SSL Certificate reg
  • Static applications.
  • Dynamic appications.
  • Bespoke software app.


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  • Brand management.
  • Digital prints.
  • Margazine prints.
  • Electronic bill boards.
  • Label prints.
  • Graphic designs.
  • Posters prints.